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I and itunes

  • Zeep - Super

    Zeep: Zeep: Nina Miranda & Chris Franck Present

    The 21st century version of Getz/Gilberto, Nina Miranda and Chris Franck have also been Smoke City and Da Lata. The stand-out track here is Super. Psychedelic/folk/funk mayhem, once you've heard it you need it. Instant classic. Rest of the album is by turns whimsical, mid-tempo, summery-breezy blowing through Tropicalia.

  • Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway

    Salsoul Orchestra: The Anthology

    This latin funk monster emerged as I drifted along the iRiver. Shook my booty all the way home!

  • Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

    Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise

    This artist, unbeknownst to him, provided the soundtrack to trailer for a crazy virtual world I was developing with the lovely Marc Williams at Mook. Since then, my boy Hari kicked off a compy CD with this track. Fragile vocals, great arrangement, everything an anthem should have. Martha has taught Alfie a dance for it. Apparently Sufjan is on mission to do an LP for each of the 50 United States. Go Suf!

  • Thievery Corporation - The Heart's a Lonely Hunter

    The Heart's a Lonely Hunter
    Thievery Corporation: Versions

    David Byrne vocalising over an Afro Beat derived track. Polyrhythmi-whimsy. Welcome to my spaceship.

  • Slipstream
    Spiritual South: Slipstream / Stars [VINYL]

    Electro Brasil at its finest. A mystical batucada with the lyric "our lives are not downloadable; a collection of MP3s". Speak the words sista!

Singing The Blues

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I'm glad you missed it, I went through Liverpool St an hour before it happened, having had a long day representing the Beeb at a careers event the day before I'd thought about having a lay in and arriving late, I'm so glad I didn't as I'd also have been traveling through at the time the bombs struck. I spent the day trying to calm friends and family who couldn't reach me and to track fellow team members who were stuck through out London, luckily all were OK. My thoughts and love are with those who've suffered and are suffering following those attacks.


"Did *you* give the world some love today?"

Cool soundtrack to piece... seek!

eq2 gold

Nice post. The big motive rething many things in life.

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  • Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys

    Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys
    A playful epic, sending me spinning off on all kinds of symbolism of the importance of spiders, story-telling and webs. Sing if you're proud to be Gaiman. I know, I shouldn't. I can't help it. (*****)

  • Francis Wheen: How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World
    Not what I was expecting, but a riveting wade through the utterly unhelpful, illogical swill of ideas that we imbibe unquestioningly as reasonable hypothesis from religion to monetarism. Awakened an interest in Enlightment thinkers, Locke, Hume - Wikipedia here I come. Plus, I got used to thinking that nothing was certain, all moral value is relative and that reality was illusory, now I'm not Saussure.
  • Garrison Keillor: Radio Romance

    Garrison Keillor: Radio Romance
    A serendipitous find in an Oxfam in Woodbridge, I'd really enjoyed some of GK's radio show that had been syndicated to Radio Four. I thought this book was brilliant for detail and nuance in telling the story of a Minneapolis radio station and touching on many truisms of broadcasting. The character's voices and the intimacy of the stories made it read like documentary, but I'm pretty sure it was a novel. Garrison, if you're reading this, you made it up, right? (*****)

  • James Ellroy: White Jazz

    James Ellroy: White Jazz
    I can't get enough James Ellroy. I just get hypnotized by him. As noted in main blog, this immerses you in Los Angeles 1958 and all the nastiness you could imagine. One thing I wonder is how Ellroy gets away with is are the "real" characters like Howard Hughes etc. I guess you can't libel the dead? (*****)

  • henning mankell: White Lioness

    henning mankell: White Lioness
    More airport thriller trash. Like literary fish and chips, I know I shouldn't but they're just too tasty. This one a bizarre plot to kill Nelson Mandela being expedited from Sweden and investigated by a downbeat local cop. Bonkers.