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I and itunes

  • Zeep - Super

    Zeep: Zeep: Nina Miranda & Chris Franck Present

    The 21st century version of Getz/Gilberto, Nina Miranda and Chris Franck have also been Smoke City and Da Lata. The stand-out track here is Super. Psychedelic/folk/funk mayhem, once you've heard it you need it. Instant classic. Rest of the album is by turns whimsical, mid-tempo, summery-breezy blowing through Tropicalia.

  • Salsoul Orchestra - Getaway

    Salsoul Orchestra: The Anthology

    This latin funk monster emerged as I drifted along the iRiver. Shook my booty all the way home!

  • Sufjan Stevens - Chicago

    Sufjan Stevens: Illinoise

    This artist, unbeknownst to him, provided the soundtrack to trailer for a crazy virtual world I was developing with the lovely Marc Williams at Mook. Since then, my boy Hari kicked off a compy CD with this track. Fragile vocals, great arrangement, everything an anthem should have. Martha has taught Alfie a dance for it. Apparently Sufjan is on mission to do an LP for each of the 50 United States. Go Suf!

  • Thievery Corporation - The Heart's a Lonely Hunter

    The Heart's a Lonely Hunter
    Thievery Corporation: Versions

    David Byrne vocalising over an Afro Beat derived track. Polyrhythmi-whimsy. Welcome to my spaceship.

  • Slipstream
    Spiritual South: Slipstream / Stars [VINYL]

    Electro Brasil at its finest. A mystical batucada with the lyric "our lives are not downloadable; a collection of MP3s". Speak the words sista!

Singing The Blues

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  • Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys

    Neil Gaiman: Anansi Boys
    A playful epic, sending me spinning off on all kinds of symbolism of the importance of spiders, story-telling and webs. Sing if you're proud to be Gaiman. I know, I shouldn't. I can't help it. (*****)

  • Francis Wheen: How Mumbo Jumbo Conquered the World
    Not what I was expecting, but a riveting wade through the utterly unhelpful, illogical swill of ideas that we imbibe unquestioningly as reasonable hypothesis from religion to monetarism. Awakened an interest in Enlightment thinkers, Locke, Hume - Wikipedia here I come. Plus, I got used to thinking that nothing was certain, all moral value is relative and that reality was illusory, now I'm not Saussure.
  • Garrison Keillor: Radio Romance

    Garrison Keillor: Radio Romance
    A serendipitous find in an Oxfam in Woodbridge, I'd really enjoyed some of GK's radio show that had been syndicated to Radio Four. I thought this book was brilliant for detail and nuance in telling the story of a Minneapolis radio station and touching on many truisms of broadcasting. The character's voices and the intimacy of the stories made it read like documentary, but I'm pretty sure it was a novel. Garrison, if you're reading this, you made it up, right? (*****)

  • James Ellroy: White Jazz

    James Ellroy: White Jazz
    I can't get enough James Ellroy. I just get hypnotized by him. As noted in main blog, this immerses you in Los Angeles 1958 and all the nastiness you could imagine. One thing I wonder is how Ellroy gets away with is are the "real" characters like Howard Hughes etc. I guess you can't libel the dead? (*****)

  • henning mankell: White Lioness

    henning mankell: White Lioness
    More airport thriller trash. Like literary fish and chips, I know I shouldn't but they're just too tasty. This one a bizarre plot to kill Nelson Mandela being expedited from Sweden and investigated by a downbeat local cop. Bonkers.